Dolly and Puddy play dress ups!

Well, it hasn't snowed, but it is very cold and has rained a lot, plus Puddy is still having some pain, so we are pretty much shut in for the week. Dolly discovered that one of Puddy's favorite games is playing dress up.
Puddy has been inventing unusual and interesting clothing designs since she was a toddler. She sometimes makes pony tails for herself out of shirts. She turned shorts into little bolero tops without ever having seen a bolero at that time, and turns tops into skirts.
This fascinated Dolly, who decided she wanted to play, too. We went looking through the house to see what dress up clothes we could find in Dolly's size. We came up with a few interesting pieces.

Darn! I completely forgot that her evening dress from Diane and her corset from Tara were in her travel cabin!! Well, that's OK, We all had fun trying on new styles. I think the pictures speak for themselves!

The lei reminded Dolly of home. She said she misses you, Pam, but she is having fun, too!

 Here she is all warm and cozy, never mind the cold outside!

Who is that in the hot pink wig?



  1. Hi Puddy! You look so cute with Dolly! Love the wig! Can I borrow it sometime? Or do I have to get my own?

  2. Yeah, that pink wig is top shelf!