Off to the Special Olympics!

Dolly was excited to be here for the Special Olympics Basketball trials. It was rescheduled from the week before.

It was basketball only for these trials, and very noisy. Puddy did not like the noise but Dolly was happy to comfort her.

They both enjoyed watching the children play. Puddy was still not feeling well enough to play this time. We had one scary moment when a little girl ran up suddenly from the basketball court, excited to see Dolly. She tried to shake Dolly's hand, but pulled off her 'Rich' bracelet! All turned out well, though, as the little girl immediately apologized and put the bracelet back on Dolly's wrist. I almost had a heart attack, however, thinking of what Dolly might do without that bracelet of Rich photos.

I had been monitoring the stands for kids to rush up, but never considered the idea that someone would leave the free throws to come and hug Dolly!


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