Dolly Arrived!

Dolly arrived on Friday, February 5.  We had been out in the driving rain all afternoon, with non stop problems, and arrived home to find Dolly waiting. What a nice surprise!
It only took her around 24 hours to get from Winston Salem, NC, to our house, just south of Raleigh, NC, even with a snow storm in Winston Salem, and a cold, hard rain in Raleigh.
We just watched a little TV and all went to bed that night. Everyone, even Dolly, was exhausted. But Dolly wanted me to note that the "Dolly snow curse" seems to be broken. We were expecting an inch or two, but only got rain that day.
 Dolly seems very comfy in her travel accommodation. Susiehomeconomy sent some yummy Moravian spice cookies -- THANKS!